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This calculator is supplied to be used as a guide only. Any miscalculations and incorrect costings will need to be reported to ACG immediately.

Final orders will be calculated by an employee at ACG, prior to being invoiced.

Courseware calculator

This calculator will help you to work out the cost of your licensing fees and the profit you will potentially make when selling to your client.
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Current courses available for ITIL are:
ITIL Foundation + ITIL Intermediate (CDS, DPI, MPT Coming Mar 2020)
Resilia Foundation + *Practitioner
(Anything with a * is NOT available on Elearning at this time)

How many students?*

Choosing 1-2 students is an option only valid for Elearning/OLL or where you supply the trainer. It is not cost effective to run a closed course with 1 student on a client site. Thus why the 1/2 student option should be chosen with this in mind.

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Exam fee
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AXELOS Official book fee *Note this product we purchase in UK pound so prices may fluctuate
Fee for additional features
Cost per student (inc.GST)

Your Profit

Please enter your sale price per student(inc.GST)
Profit in total(inc.GST)
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